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this time they're getting so much emotional support. the community is trying to comfort their police department. chris sanchez continues our coverage. >> hi, as you see the mound of flowers and messagines mounting behind me here. there are so many people exit todd show up, the group take back santa cruz had to move it about a block away. there are so. people here in this community that did not even know sheez officers, personally, that have been moved to show their support. >> when you see the pictures of them and their families, you can't help but think that's my neighbor, and nose are my law officer -- those are my neighbors. >> while the families grieve
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privately, the families they serve are not. >> it's just terrible. >> reporter: p kevin vogel struggled as he spoke with sergeant baker with whom he shared nearly three decades. >> he was my mentor and my friend. >> reporter: sergeant baker and the chief started around the same time and were partners for awhile. detective butler who was a southern california native had a knack for police work and a young family. >> elizabeth leaves her partner peter, and her two boys. who are five and one. >> the streets are protected by officers from the sheriff's department and the chp, santa cruz pd will begin to return to work tomorrow. in the meantime, some of the officers the people protected will send messages to the department and their families sdplp we love them, and we honor
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their loved ones that died. and that we're there for them in spirit, and in prayer. >> the take back santa cruz vigil that was planned for here has been moved to the nelson community center down the street. that is expected to last until 8:00. there is also a prayer service that is planned for scotts valley. that is at st. philly e p-- phip episcopal church. now we have new details on jeremy goulet. tonight, people who knew him here are stunned. he lived in the upstairs unit of this complex in berkeley with his twin brother for about a year. a neighbor said she hung out with them and would house sit with them.
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they could get into violent fights with each other, but she was shocked when she heard about yesterday. >> i had no idea he would be violent, i thought he was a peeper creeper, not a violent person. >> the former coworkers of him are shaken. the owner says he worked there for six months until he was fired for not following company policy. >> goulet father's declined to talk on camera today. he broke down in tears as he recalled the lifelong battle his son had with voyeurism. he has lacerations delivered by a young woman's boyfriend after he was caught spying on her while she was showering. he saying it derailed his military career, and soured him
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on the criminal justice system. he sate, quote, killing those cops was just unforgivable. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the story and we'll bring you the latest updates. >> we have other headlines tonight, a muddy mess in france, and the cleanup continues to evening. a 16-inch water main pipe broke in the park side neighbor. it under mined the street, causing a huge sing hole. it swamped a dozen cars and filled garages. nearly two dozen people reported damages so their homes. >> when i opened the door, it was like a big river going on. we didn't know how high it was going to go. the ground was so saturated that
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small cracks opened up in some houses. six homes were cell low tagged meaning they needed more inspections. the pipe that broke was 60 years old. san jose's famed flea market is getting new neighbors. it is been approved for the sale of 10 acres of unused flea market land. homes and attacked homes build by kb homes is under way. it will be called market park. >> my reaction is i think it's fantastic. just preliminary numbers is we could possibly be looking at an additional 6,000 to 7,000 people a day that will come when it gets here in 2017. >> it's not clear if the flea market will still be there. with the u.s. supreme court
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hearing on prop eight just weeks away, the state attorney general has filed her arguments with the court. she says the backers of prop eight have no legal standing in the case. harris claims the group, called protect marriage, isn't hurt by the practice of allowing same sex marriage couples to marry. the high court will hear arguments on this issue on march 26th. >> two days and counting until sequestration and $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. they don't have a negotiation scheduled until friday. the president is purposely waiting until the last minute so he can blame the gop. if no deal is made, schools and airports will face cuts. 52% of americans actually want sequestration to happen, or have congress cut more spending.
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coming up, a deadly shark encounter at a popular tourist spot. you see a little girl walk into the boy's bathroom, that's setting her up in an unsafe situation. >> too young to be trancegender? the elementary school battle. >> and the latest on the billionaires shopping spree. and i'm jeff in the weather center, quite the incredible afternoon, a lot of sunshine and mid 70s across the bay area. we have rain returning in that seven-day forecast, i'll detail it for you coming up. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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quite a scene at the vatican. tens of thousands of people filled the square today for pope benedict xvi last public appearance. he asked the faithful to pray for him and the cardinals that will choose his successor. when he stepped down tomorrow, he will be the first to do so in hundreds of years. gun control heats up on capital bill. there was an assault weapons ban discussed today and a father whose son was killed in the newtown massacre. >> people say the overall number of deaths is relative small, but don't tell that to the people of columbine, or newtown. >> the december shooting left 20
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children dead, and six educators debt. the senate judiciary committee headed by dianne feinstein could vote as soon as tomorrow. the politics of pot, more than half of cal voters support it being sod and taxed like alcohol. 54% of the voters say yes to legalizing marijuana. we'll see if this poll translates into votes next year. promarijuana activist want to put the legalization issue on the ballot. >> parents are rallying in support of a fired gymnastic's teacher. she said she enforced a program policy and asked the parent to leave the gym during the class. other parents started a group to
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try to get her reinstated. >> i have such a connection with my students that i know that when they came to close, despite whatever they were told, they know i would never leave without saying goodbye. >> the city said it can't comment since it's a confidential personnel later. attempted to reach the parent to complained has been unsuccessful. the parents of a transgender child are suing the school district over the child's access to the school bathroom. coy, is a boy who identifies as a girl. school districts say coy cannot use the girl's bathroom, they say he can use the boys restroom, the staff bathroom, or the nurses office. parents say it's discrimination. >> you see her having to quake quite away to get to the adult bathrooms or the nurses
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restroom. and you're singling her out when you do that. it doesn't need to be created. >> coy has been pulled from public school and is being homeschooled. today's apple shareholder meeting was largely positive. they gathered to hear tim cooke talk about the company's future. he says he's disappointed in the stock drop, but says he's in it for the long all. those we spoke to today said they're happy with the direction of the company. one asked that vice president al gore be removed from the board. two southern california lawmakers are so anger over the oscar performance, they're asking that he be condemned. they complained in a letter that his macfarlane degraded women as
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a whole. so far no comment from the academy, and seth macfarlane says he will not host again. alex smith is being traded to the kansas city chiefs, but it cannot be made official until march 12th. our partners say the 49ers will get a second round pick this year, and a similar pick in the 2014 draft in exchange for smith who was a form earl number one pick. the 49ers now have more picks than any other team if this deal goes through. >> years of regulating land use and protecting lake tahoe are paying off. they're saying it has it's best clarity in ten years. it improved more than six feet from the year before president the lake's water was clear enough to see more than 57 feet
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down. that's only 25 feet less than when colorfulty was at it's b t at at it's best point. if you suffer from allergies like a lot of us do, we'll event get good news coming our way. today we had huge temperature contrasts, a 43 degree temperature jump. gilroy started at 32 degrees this morning, and at 2:34 we saw temperatures at 75 degrees, 11 degrees above your averages. you don't have to look too far today. to the north, tracking rainfall near reading and ureka. we're going to talk about what that rainfall to the north will mean for our forecast. the most warm here down here
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near gilroy. you can see on this wednesday, we're clear in san jose, we have moderate to low air quality and we're also looking at that high pollen continuing. we'll go up to san francisco and you see here in downtown, it is hazy as the sunsets. a beautiful night if your heading out for say some dinner. the weather picture right now does look like we are might get rainfall. the storm track is looking pretty good here with a plume of moisture throughout washington and oregon. the problem is the jet stream. we cannot get this to push far enough to the south because we have this guy, high pressure building in. that is primarily what we're pushing ahead to on friday and saturday. some of the warmest weather with slight offshore winds coming our way. expecting a warm up at the coastline. it's not getting entirely hot, but getting in on some mid to
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upper 60s eventually, and trend of 70 degree heat will be continuing with warmest weather expected for our friday forecast. we showed you the rain to the north, cloud cover increasing tonight from 8:00 to 110:0 p.m. then by tomorrow morning, we'll have our best chance not only with fog but also maybe a little drizzle into the north bay, and everyone will have a nice sunny finish here as we ahead throughout your thursdays forecast. we'll start cloudy and rebound with sunshine. it is 36 in santa rosa, 48 in san francisco. so light jacket will be necessary, but as we head throughout the day on thursday, you can see this is not jacket weather by the afternoon. a lot of your car thermometers are going to read 73 to 76, they read a little armer than the
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ambient air temperature. 65 in san francisco, and you're getting into 70 from santa rosa. on the three day forecast, we keep that forecast all the way through friday, if you suffer from allergies, here is the good news. cloud cover increases on monday. that's what we want to see in the weather department, and by tuesday a chance of showers late in the afternoon, and by wednesday, early indications that we could have a half inch to one inch of rainfall. >> we need it, yes. >> i know, it's been so bad -- >> watch out this air. >> it will be good for us. a woman who would not take a back seat more than 50 years ago, today received a prominent place of honor in the u.s. capital. president obama and congressional leaders came together to unveil a nine foot statue of rosa parks. she was such an inspirational
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woman. a few hours add up to a whole lot, coming up, the new reason you want a full night sleep tonight. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way.
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oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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a lot of issues to discuss, especially violence. mayor quan is expected to cover a variety of topics important to life and business in the city, including public safety, job creation, and economic development. it begins at 7:00 tonight. >> in health matters, how much sleep did you get last night? if you didn't get enough, being tire is not all you have to worry about. researches show that when you lose sleep, your genes become less active. that could make you get sick
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more often. the slow down could put you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and depression. they studies people who got less than six hours of sleep a night. >> police in new zealand tried to stop a shark attack by shooting at it. shark attacks are rare there, there has only been about a dozen cases in the last 180 years. >> and larry ellisson now has a small hawaiiian airline to match his island. word that he wanted to by ohana airlines leaked out weeks ago. it came after he purchased 98% of the high land.
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he wants to experiment with more environment tally friendly ways to live.
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okay, my allergies are a little better, i was mississippible two days ago. >> i'm no doctor, i just play on on tv. the high pollen is out there you can see here across interstate 80. if your allergies aren't bad enough, the traffic will do it for you. we'll have morning tag, interior valleys going up to 70, and friday and saturday, some of our armest weather coming up, if you have a pool, maybe it will be
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warm enough. >> see you at 6:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, is it the end of an era for the most important civil rights law ever passed in this country. an intense showdown at the supreme court today, while right across the street at the very same moment, a civil rights icon took her place in history. the emotional goodbye at the vatican today. overflow crowds at st. peter's square for the pope's farewell. his surprisingly candid comments about god and his time as pope before he officially steps down just hours from now. a father's plea after losing his son in newtown and the fiery police chief who wasn't having it from a u.s. senator today. emotions as fresh as the day we heard that tragic news.
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and on the waterfront. a storied way of life, a treasured catch of the day, disappearing in an iconic american fishing town. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. today in washington, two things happened at the exact same moment that tell two very different stories. as this nation's first african-american president was unveiling a statue of the civil rights icon, rosa parks, in the u.s. capitol, directly across the street at that moment, the u.s. supreme court was considering whether or not to strike down the voting rights act. the very mention of that towering and historic piece of legislation evokes the memory of kennedy and johnson, of fire hoses and billy clubs and attack dogs and sit-ins and protests and marches. and as some argued before the

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